Exhibition | The new donors

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In our country, collectionism dates from long time ago. There were and there are still people who thanks to their esthetic pleasure developed collections due to their research interests and willing to preserve the heritage of future generations. After several years, these characters had the vision to deliver their collections to museums already established in our country, so that these can continue preserving the art and cultural heritage.

The “Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares” (Arts and Folk Tradition Museum” of Riva-Agüero Institute of Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru is an example. It was created in 1979 and since then it has received the help of “donors” who left part of their whole life collections in this museum. They understood the importance of preserving and promoting folk art in our country through a catalyst institution. This way, the heritage has been increased over the years.

On this occasion, the Arts and Folk Tradition Museum of IRA-PUCP is pleased to present part of the collections from the “new donors”: Jose Pancorvo Beingolea, Florentino Jimenez, Enrique Zilleri, Alfonso Cabrera, Tater Vera, Julio “Kutiry” Gutierrez, “Jallmay” cultural group, Nancy Leigh, Mauricio Salas, Ivy Sinclair, Tenchy Gayoso, Alfredo Lopez, among others. This activity is part of this year’s first celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the museum foundation.

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