3rd International Conference on Management Science: “Opportunities and challenges within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals”

Date:25 de setiembre del 2019, de 2:00 pm a 8:00 pm
26 de setiembre del 2019, de 9:00 am a 7:15 pm
27 de setiembre del 2019, de 9:00 am a 3:00 pm
Location:Open PUCP (C.C. Plaza San Miguel, 5th floor)
Aimed at:General public and PUCP community

According to the United Nations, the sustainable development is essential for the world progress in the long term. At present, it poses a shared responsibility, which includes multiplicity of committed actors, generating alliances, networks and teamwork in order to build sustainable societies. These challenges regarding development are significant not only for the State but for companies, which become main actors to reach the SDGs. As a university, we have an important chance to reconsider this issue, since we need to play an important role contributing to the knowledge to design sustainable development strategies.  Particularly, from the Management Science, we will address these challenges with innovative approaches aimed at responsible functions of social, public and entrepreneurial organizations that improve the quality of life of those people and their surroundings.


We expect to receive contributions to the Conference based on the following topics:

  1. Strategic Management and Innovation
  2. Operations and Logistics
  3. Marketing and Business Management
  4. Marketing and Business Management
  5. Talent Management
  6. Social Management
  7. Public Management

Organized by

  • Academic Department of Management Science