II Iberoamerican Conference on Civil Law of Family and Childhood

Date:Del 02 al 04 de octubre del 2019
Time: De 5:00 p.m. a 10:00 p.m.
Location:Campus PUCP – Law Auditorium
Aimed at:General public and PUCP community
REGISTERProfessionals: S/ 150; Students: S/ 75

This event seeks to generate discussion and reflection on several aspects related to violence suffered by children and teenagers, mainly in vulnerable groups. Different topics involving children and LGTBI population, gender, incapacity, indigenous populations, migrants and poverty will be addressed, based on an interdisciplinary approach and on the cooperation between the private and public sector.

The Conference is organized by PUCP School of Law and Universidad de Barcelona. It will be preceded by a national and international academic call among universities involved and committed to participating through pre-conferences, taking place in the first semester 2019. In addition to this, there will be a call for papers, in different categories such as: students, national professionals and foreign professionals, the winning papers will be presented at the Iberoamerican Conference.


  • Carlos Villagrasa Alcaide (Spain)
  • Ruperto Pinochet Olave (Chile)
  • Jinyola Blanco Rodríguez (Colombia)
  • Joaquín Sedano Tapia (Mexico)
  • Tatiana Ordeñana Sierra (Ecuador)


  • Professionals: S/ 150
  • Students: S/ 75

Organized by

  • School of Law