Seminario | EFMD Brain Balance: Self leadership with the brain in mind

Fecha:Del 24 al 25 de setiembre del 2018
Hora: De 9:00 am a 5:45 pm
Lugar:CENTRUM Católica (Jirón Daniel Alomía Robles 125, Urbanización Los Álamos de Monterrico, Surco)
Dirigido a:Público externo y comunidad PUCP
Costo:General: US$1,500; Early bird: US$1,200; Corporate: US$1,000

This hands-on workshop introduces the emerging field of Neuroscience of Leadership and explains what one can learn from (cognitive, affective, socio-cognitive) neuroscience in order to achieve more efficient ways of working and managing ‘oneself’.

Participants will be introduced to the “Brain Balance” model which consists of eight paradoxical activities. Combined, they facilitate recovery and brain resilience; they help to maintain focus and improve mental health. Based on this model, participants will be put in the position to optimize their self-leadership, e.g. by adapting their time-management.

Insights from the facilitator’s work in the ‘Neuro Training Lab™’ will help to demystify a number of clichés about the “brain”. The discussion will lead to concrete actions to better manage stress and harmonize work, family and personal life.


  • Público general: US$1,500
  • Early bird: US$1,200
  • Corporate: US$1,000

Organizado por

  • CENTRUM Católica